The Do’s and Dont’s in a Macronutrient Plan!

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding macronutrient/”macro” eating plans. This is a 3 part blog post (this being part 1) discussing some of the do’s and dont’s of following a macro plan. Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 if part 1 intrigues you!

DO #1: do expect to be able eat any and all foods on a macro plan. No foods are “off limits”. That being said, DON’T #1: don’t expect to able to eat like an a**hole all the time. Are donuts allowed? Sure. Should you be eating them every day? No.

Along that same vein, DON’T #2: don’t expect to eat unlimited quantities of your favorite foods. The quantity of food you eat has to meet your daily energy requirements, and a balance of protein, carbs and fat is still required.

DO #2: do calculate your macros and daily energy expenditure based on your overall activity (how active is your job/whatever you spend the majority of your day doing + how active is your exercise regimen?)

DON’T #3: don’t just calculate your intake for your active days; you should also have a separate intake for your rest days (when your activity level is lower). More often than not, this means less carbs.

DO #3: do understand that a flexible macro plan allows you to lose weight WITHOUT exercise. But..

DON’T #4: don’t expect to eat as much if you have no exercise in your daily routine. The more you move, generally, the higher your intake will be.

DO #4: do understand that your macro ratio (protein:carbs:fat) is based significantly on your body type (are you endomorphic, mesomorphic or ectomorphic? More on this later…)

Stay tuned for part 2!

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